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Pensacola Winterfest - Tours and performances light up beautiful Downtown Pensacola during the Christmas season. See Rudolf, Scrooge, the Polar Express, Snoopy, Elvis, a Cajun Christmas, the Cat in the Hat, and of course, everyone’s favorite,  THE GRINCH  {a little bias, as the Grinch’s Workshop and Whoville are at the site of Pensacola Lights at the offices of the public accounting firm of Brown Thornton Pacenta & Company}.


Christmas at Saint Anne's - Volunteers from around the community devoted thousands of hours to preparing this spectacular local Christmas light display that featured over a million lights.   Saint Anne’s last year of lights display was around 2003 or 2004, before hurricane Ivan.  We miss you !


How Christmas Lights Work - Ever wondered about how Christmas lights work?  This site provides a nice overview of the science behind the lights.


PlanetChristmas - Ground zero for Christmas lighting enthusiasts, PlanetChristmas is hosted by Chuck Smith for all those with a passion for Christmas lights.


Animated Lighting - A source of high quality software and hardware for building custom lighting displays and animations.


Ramsey Electronics - The source for the FM radio transmitter used at Pensacola Lights as well as many other fun to build electronic hobby kits.


Ots Labs - This company designs and develops cutting edge audio software such as the OtsDJ program used at Pensacola Lights.


Antique Christmas Lights - A comprehensive site hosted by Bill Nelson that is devoted to providing information about the development of electric Christmas lighting in America.

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